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For Catholics: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism


I’ve had multiple conversations on the topic of Israel with some fellow Catholics over the last few weeks. What I have noticed is that these recent conversations have been more open-minded than they have been previously. Two years ago, any vocal support for Israel would have resulted in some fairly nasty backlash from some of […]

America Burning


My brother in the Faith, Common Patriot, writes (emphasis mine): Where normally I fancy myself a patriot that focuses on the positive, the best path forward and the return to values and opportunities this great nation was founded upon, I’ve find myself quiet of late, trying to comprehend exactly what it is that’s transpired during […]

Graas Girls Review Daughters of St Paul Christmas Bloopers 2


The Graas Girls — Tree Graas and CatholicAwesome — have reviewed this Christmas Bloopers 2 video, made last year, from the Daughters of St. Paul and hereby award it TWO THUMBS UP for bringing many smiles and for demonstrating the proper use of a glow stick. That is one thumb per Graas Girl. Enjoy! Oh, […]

Churches Helping Sandy Victims, Not Red Cross, FEMA

Peggy Racine sorts donated cleaning supplies at Community United Methodist Church in Massapequa, N.Y., following Hurricane Sandy. The church is serving as a disaster relief site for survivors of the storm. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

It seems only the churches are making a big impact in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. This was pretty much our experience here in Kentucky during our ice storm. I would imagine that local food banks are also providing help. The Red Cross and FEMA, not so much. Watch this video. If you want to help […]

Rick Santorum NFL Picks – Week Eleven


Here are Rick Santorum’s NFL Picks for Week Eleven! Mine, too. We disagree on a lot. I think I’m toast. I skeered. We’ll see. Patrick and Rachelle’s picks can be found here. I have not discounted the possibility that the real Rick Santorum has been abducted by aliens and replaced with a robot, because he […]

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Abortion is Settled Law in the USA’


I don’t have cable anymore, so I hear this stuff kind of late sometimes.  Bill O’Reilly said something on Monday night that sounds looney to me because it fails the test of reason. From The Blaze: “Abortion is settled law in the USA, but it should be discouraged, because human DNA is present upon conception,” O’Reilly said. […]

Dear Irish Times – Abortion Does Not Cure E.coli ESBL

Statute of Our Lady of the Mountains, Coomakitsa Pass, County Kerry, Ireland. Summer 2010.

Irish Times is offering an article with the headline “Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital.” It’s pretty clear that this is an attempt to convince people that direct and intentional abortion is sometimes necessary to save a woman’s life and that the Catholic Church is “unreasonable” to say that direct and willful abortion is […]

Father Walter Ciszek: A Jesuit You May Like

Walter Ciszek SJ

Mention the term “Jesuit” in some conservative circles and you may hear a grumble. Here’s a Jesuit you may like. Servant of God, Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, spent many years in a Soviet gulag for the “crime” of being a priest. The video below offers a short biography.