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Graas Family Christmas

Sorry, there are no photos to share of the Graas Family Christmas, but I have quite a tale to tell. On Christmas Eve afternoon, we were brought a Christmas meal through the Church, from Cracker Barrel! What a blessing! We spent our Christmas morning at Mass, where my daughter Bethany, age 12, was blessed to […]

Nancy Lanza: Wrongfully Deleted

Out of obedience to my spiritual director, I am staying away from reports on what happened at Sandy Hook, because when the Tucson shooting happened, I ended up in the crisis unit. It’s all just too overwhelming for me emotionally, and I am under obedience to be gentle with myself. The more peripheral stories, though, […]

Florine, The Disobedient Nun

Reading a little from Gury’s Doctrine of the Jesuits, I was impressed by this story about a hypothetical disobedient nun. It occurred to me that most people today, upon reading this, would probably not understand that this nun actually did something very wrong, in the context of her own spiritual well-being, or would not understand […]

My Conscience

For those who are concerned for me and believe I have not thought this through, I have done a full examination of conscience and if I were to support Rick Santorum in fundraising for the Salvation Army, I would personally be violating several commandments: The First, by not putting God’s Church above all others. The […]

The Pope in the Financial Times: ‘Christmas is a Time for Christians to Engage with the World’

Pope Benedict XVI arrives to lead his weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican

From the Vatican: Vatican City, 20 December 2012 (VIS) – The “Financial Times” daily newspaper has today published an article by Benedict XVI entitled “A time for Christians to engage with the world”. According to an introductory note from the Holy See Press Office, “The Pope’s article for the Financial Times originates from a request […]

Why I Am Withdrawing Support From Rick Santorum


    Ironically, Pete Ingemi wrote today on why Rick Santorum deserves our support just as I am withdrawing support from him for his abandoning that very same value. Pete quotes Rick Santorum here: America is a melting pot, not a salad bowl. America is a set of values by which we hold together. That’s […]

Abortion coverage in Kentucky ObamaCare

David Adams

Guest post by David Adams of Kentucky Progress. Ask Kentucky’s Department of Insurance if Kentuckians will be forced to pay for health plans covering abortions under ObamaCare and they tend to go a little bit berserk. “The Department of Insurance is receiving reports of incorrect information being distributed to the public concerning our position on […]