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Paul Ryan, Please Meet Thomas Aquinas

Paul Ryan defenders, in response to my posts about his Ayn Randian philosophy on economics, have been giving me all kinds of “reasoning” for not having a preferential option for the poor in the budget. Catholic teaching calls for the preferential option. Ryan does not apply the preferential option for the poor in his budget. […]

I Win Twitter

@karensantorum is following me on Twitter. That means I win Twitter. What shall we play next? — Lisa Graas (@CatholicLisa) August 13, 2012

From a Passionist Friend

A Passionist friend writes in reply to my post on Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for VP: You are most definitely a Catholic. Yes. I am most definitely a Catholic. Note: This post will be filed in the “Identity” category.

Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan For VP?

It’s being reported by various news outlets that Mitt Romney has selected Congressman Paul Ryan to be his vice presidential running mate. I reject this ticket wholeheartedly. Both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have opted to push Christianity to the margins in the hope of gaining political power. This marginalization is what is […]

Dumbest Tweet Ever

God, help America. @catholiclisa @patriotmom61 Do you honestly believe the most important Economic issue is Gay Marriage? — Blake Harllee (@BlakeHarllee) August 11, 2012

‘Gay’ Republican Group to Help Draft GOP Platform

Okay, so we’ve settled the fact that the Democratic Party is hypocritical. What’s that make the Republican Party? Um, I think…nuts. LGBT political groups are preparing for the upcoming Democratic and Republican national conventions as one gay GOP organization announced its involvement in the party’s platform drafting process for the first time. R. Clarke Cooper, […]