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My Friend Austin

My Twitter friend Austin Nix was interviewed by his local news station in regard to his school. He is a high school senior this year. I hope you will follow him on Twitter. He is very kind to me. Follow @AustinNix123 WLBT.com – Jackson, MS

Paul Ryan Practices Abstinence on Defending Life and Marriage

Just as Paul Ryan abstained on Rick Santorum’s Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act (I was shocked to learn that), so too he is abstaining on defending marriage. Unfortunately, you can’t find this being reported anywhere but “gay” blogs like PoliGlot. “I don’t know why we’re spending all this time talking about this,” Ryan said of […]

Today’s Readings: The Rebellious and the Childlike

Today’s readings make my little Passionist heart go thumpety thumpety thump. God sent Ezekiel to the rebellious Israelites because the Israelites are “bold of face and stubborn of heart.”Ezekiel wrote: The Lord GOD said to me:  As for you, son of man, obey me when I speak to you:  be not rebellious like this house […]

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: An Assertion With Evidence

My compatriot at The American Catholic, Paul Zummo, has challenged one of my articles about Paul Ryan. Assertion Without Evidence by Paul Zummo, The American Catholic. I’ve posted a reply: Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand: An Assertion With Evidence, by Lisa Graas, The American Catholic.

John Santorum Moves Into the Citadel

Rick Santorum tweeted this. Wow. I am without words! Click the link to see a picture of Rick and Karen Santorum with their daughter Elizabeth moving their son John into The Citadel. We moved our son John into @thecitadeloea last weekend. So proud of him. ow.ly/i/QyXt @citadelalumni #TheCitadel — Rick Santorum (@RickSantorum) August 13, 2012

Paul Ryan, Please Meet Thomas Aquinas

Paul Ryan defenders, in response to my posts about his Ayn Randian philosophy on economics, have been giving me all kinds of “reasoning” for not having a preferential option for the poor in the budget. Catholic teaching calls for the preferential option. Ryan does not apply the preferential option for the poor in his budget. […]

I Win Twitter

@karensantorum is following me on Twitter. That means I win Twitter. What shall we play next? — Lisa Graas (@CatholicLisa) August 13, 2012