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Zinnia Jones Vs Bristol Palin on What ‘Tolerance’ Is

One of the most frustrating things that I have encountered in discussions with people who support same-sex “marriage” is their inability to understand what “tolerance” even is and an unwillingness to care about what we Christians think it is. They don’t care what our definition of marriage is. Do you think they’re going to know […]

A Quick Note About My Mood Chart

I have to chart my moods and have decided to put this on my blog. See the page entitled “My Mood Chart” linked at the top of my blog. I shared my mood yesterday and today, online, and both times I got messages of concern from readers. I suppose this might concern some. My current […]

See? Even Vegetables Are Passionist!

Sister Helena Burns (Daughters of St. Paul), Sister Lisa Doty (Canossian Sisters) and I tease each other about competition over vocations. (There really is no competition. It’s just in good fun.) Sr. Cecilia Maria’s mother has sent her something that gave me a good opportunity to get an edge. @srhelenaburns @sr_lisa Even vegetables are #Passionist […]

Rick Santorum Joins Citizens United for “Our Sacred Honor”

Verona, PA – Former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices, Rick Santorum is pleased to join Citizens United for its latest film, “Our Sacred Honor.” “Our Sacred Honor” will premier at the Republican National Convention in Tampa at Citizens United Theater located in Liberty Plaza, 180 S. Morgan St., Tampa, FL, 33602 on […]