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Using the Term ‘Biblical Families’ is Now Controversial?

A report at 11Alive.com (WXIA) is getting a lot of attention, as is its headline. Who would have thought that someone saying the term “Biblical families” would be considered controversial? So it is with comments made by Dan Cathy, president of Chick-Fil-A, who was interviewed by the station. It’s a thread at memeorandum with commentary […]

Beware of Wolves Among Jesus’ Sheep

A reader sends an article by a protestant that has some important truths in it about what is meant in the Scriptures about wolves in the Church who draw the sheep away to themselves. We Catholics would point out that the Church leaders who are responsible for protecting the sheep are our bishops. There may […]

In Catholicism, Perfect is a Verb, Not an Adjective


In Catholicism, “perfect” is used as a verb, not as an adjective, unless we are referring to God, in which case it is an adjective. God is perfect and God perfects us. “Perfect” as an adjective: Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. “Perfect” […]

Thanks to Always Catholic!


Thanks so much to Sofia at Always Catholic who posted a “Mystery Bloggers” contest and included me. I Won! AlwaysCatholicBlog is donating in Steve Smith’s name a $10 tip for a job well done to the Catholic Bandita, our girl, Lisa Graas! Lisa has been a treasured sister and friend here at Always Catholic and […]

What’s Up With Catholics and Statues?


Protestants have always been a little uncomfortable with the sight of Catholics bowing down to statues of Mary or of the Infant Jesus, and even of the fact that we have statues of Jesus, Mary and the saints in our churches. Some even go so far as to claim we are “worshiping” statues. So, what’s […]