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Father Walter Ciszek: A Jesuit You May Like

Walter Ciszek SJ

Mention the term “Jesuit” in some conservative circles and you may hear a grumble. Here’s a Jesuit you may like. Servant of God, Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, spent many years in a Soviet gulag for the “crime” of being a priest. The video below offers a short biography.

Has God Abandoned America?

God Bless America by J. Seward Johnson on Michigan Avenue. Downtown Chicago, IL tourism site. Sculpture based on American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. PHOTO: Sties Design, Flickr

It has been in apologetics groups like the ACTS Apologetics Group that I have tasted American-style freedom the most, where people may disagree boldly with each other without hating each other. The free exchange of ideas is a hallmark, if not “the” hallmark, of American freedom. It is from ACTS that I received in my […]

If Poor Counties Were the Only Counties Allowed to Vote

Electoral map if only the poor voted.

If only the poorest counties were allowed to vote, and if each of those counties got only one vote, Mitt Romney would have won the electoral college 402-113. I have posted two maps below. The first map shows all counties marked that have 16.9% or more of the population under the poverty line. The red […]

Archbishop Chaput Says Catholics Have No Home in Either Party


We live in trying times as both major political parties seem to be abandoning Catholics and the values we hold dear. On the bright side, the Church is unified, even if many of her members are in rebellion. Our unity is in the Sacraments and in the constant teaching of the Faith through our bishops, […]