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Egypt’s Embattled Christians Fear Exclusion Under New Islamist Constitution


From Dignitatis Humanae Institute: As the Western media shift attention from crisis to crisis in the Middle East, one continuing, omnipresent tragedy goes wilfully ignored, the violent persecution of the regions’ remaining Christians. Nowhere is this more evident than Egypt, where the new government, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, press on with the drafting of […]

Natasha Tracy’s Levels of Suicidality


Natasha Tracy is my “go to” blogger for helpful insights both on dealing with Bipolar Disorder and on educating people about it who have no idea what it’s about. (Hat-tip to Donna for introducing me to Natasha Tracy’s blog.) Because I also have Asperger Syndrome, it is really hard for me to understand that other […]

Jennifer Rubin Pulls The Knives Out Of Her Drawer For Rick Santorum


Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has her facts royally mixed up on Rick Santorum (e.g., he’s not opposed to women being in the military, despite her claim) in a column that could pass as a textbook example of ad hominem in a college debate class. Ironically, she has entitled her scathing remarks “Santorum the scold […]

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. How awesome is this? @catholiclisa happy thanksgiving to you too Lisa! — Elizabeth Santorum (@esantorum2012) November 22, 2012 @catholiclisa happy thanksgiving to you too! — Sarah Santorum (@Sarah_Santorum) November 22, 2012 @catholiclisa Happy thanksgiving to you too! Hope you have a great day — Dan Santorum (@DanSantorum) November 22, 2012

How Atheists are Persecuting Kentuckians

Historical markers like this one in front of Mother of God Church in Covington represent Kentucky's respect for our religious heritage. According to American Atheists, who apparently have nothing better to do with their time, requiring a state worker to install a sign like this is "persecution."

AlterNet has an interesting theory, that atheists in Kentucky are being “persecuted.” The law requires that plaques celebrating the power of the Almighty God be installed outside the state Homeland Security building–and carries a criminal penalty of up to 12 months in jail if one fails to comply. The plaque’s inscription begins with the assertion, […]

Pope John Paul II’s Advice on Response to People With Mental Illness

10 Sep 1997 --- Pope John Paul II in Armchair --- Image by © Eddie Adams/CORBIS

From the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Respect Life office, I found a paper by Rev. Richard Gill on “The Person With Mental Illness: Bearing God’s Image.” Both the title and the content are consistent with “God’s Image in the Mentally Ill Person,” an address on the subject from Cardinal Barragan. Cardinal Barragan’s use […]