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It’s Nice to be Appreciated


It’s so nice to be appreciated. @catholiclisa @rsmccain our family is blessed to be followed by such good people. Keep being lights to the world. — Rick Santorum (@RickSantorum) December 7, 2012  

Anonymous Re-issuing Threat to the Vatican?


Last night, the “hacktivist” group Anonymous posted a petition at Change.org along with a video (transcript at Anonymous website) that was originally posted on October 6.  The petition was linked, along with the Oct. 6 press release, at the Anonymous web chat last night. The video threatens to attack the Vatican both online and in […]

Gail Collins Attacks Santorum on Distrust of Government Control

Gail Collins at a book signing for her book "When Everything Changed" in which she characterizes "abortion on demand" as "not very radical." Collins has attacked Rick Santorum for his concerns about State control over family decisions.

The latest Santorum buzz on Twitter is an article by Gail Collins at the New York Times attacking Rick Santorum for failing to put his trust in the United Nations in regard to decisions made that could impact his disabled child, Bella Santorum, and many millions of other disabled children. You may remember Collins from […]

‘Bullying,’ Humiliations and Fortitude


It occurs to me that schools today are teaching about “bullying” much differently than when I was a kid. Back in the Seventies, we thought of “bullying” as either physical violence or the threat of physical violence. Today, “bullying” is considered to include the use of insults that hurt the feelings of others. I take […]

The Pope on Twitter and What It Means to Me


Now that the buzz has started to settle a little about the Pope’s new Twitter account (@Pontifex) I’ll offer a little about what it means to me. To be perfectly honest, like Father Z, I have my reservations about the whole thing. I see the internet more as mission territory. As such, it is suitable […]

Thanks to Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul for Voting Against CRPD


As noted earlier, the United States Senate has voted against ratification of a United Nations treaty on disabled persons. The U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was supported by many “disability rights” organizations, but the text of the treaty included language that posed a threat to parental rights. As such, it was […]