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Rick Santorum: ‘Rand Paul is Wrong’

Rick Santorum on Facebook: Rand Paul is Wrong…. I’ve been back from Israel for about a week, and have had the opportunity to reflect on the trip in light of the Radical Islamic offensive that is underway across the Middle East, from Gaza to Syria to Iraq. The challenges that Israel and our friends in […]

In response to Mary O’Regan on the Catholic blogosphere

Mary O’Regan has written an article at Catholic Herald on the subject of Catholic blogging. As a Catholic blogger, methinks I’ll respond. First, the headline: If the Catholic blogosphere is to survive then our bloggers must become more Catholic. I’m all for everyone becoming “more Catholic” but on “the survival of the Catholic blogosphere” I am […]

Polling shows Tea Party more hawkish than Republicans

With Rand Paul courting anti-war voters, it’s important to point out that recent polling indicates that Tea Party voters are actually more hawkish than voters who identify as Republicans. Tea Party Supporters Want A Tougher Foreign Policy In late July, after Moscow-backed separatists shot down Flight MH-17, killing all 298 passengers on board, Fox asked […]

The College Board’s Politicization of U.S. History

Stanley Kurtz writes at NRO that The College Board is politicizing U.S. History from a left-wing perspective. Powerline agrees. Talking Points Memo, a left-wing blog, tends to disagree, of course. One need look no farther than the very first “Theme” which is “IDENTITY.” Identity politics is a hallmark of radical left-wing activism. For example, in leftist […]

Please pray for the SAS, Delta Force and SEAL Team 6

I’m not sure this information should have been publicized, but it has, and so I ask for prayers for the SAS, Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. Mirror: Elite British and US special forces troops are forming a hunter killer unit called Task Force Black – its orders: “Smash the Islamic State.” The undercover warriors […]

Priests for Life to continue lawsuit against HHS mandate

NEW YORK, NY – Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, this morning released a statement regarding the new “accommodation” to the HHS mandate announced last week. Father Pavone said: “On Friday afternoon, it was announced that the Obama Administration has come up with an alternate procedure for religious non-profit groups like Priests […]

Rand Paul’s Pope Problem

While there is debate about Pope Francis’ recent remarks on the use of force to stop the advance of ISIS, one thing is clear. His remarks went far enough that, by attrition, he has taken the wind out of Rand Paul’s sails with Catholic voters, including many of the traditionalists who have made up his personal […]