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An Engineered Anti-African Synod?

Edward Pentin reports that evidence has emerged that the Synod on the Family is being engineered to impose a minority viewpoint that is not in keeping with Church teaching. More and more there is talk in Rome that this synod is being engineered by groups intent on steering the Church in a heterodox direction, and […]

Report: African Bishop quoted as saying, ‘What are they doing in Rome? Oh my God, oh my God!’

Yesterday, I listened to an interview (posted below) from about a year ago with Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, in which he spoke of the reasoning for the rise of militant Islam and militant homosexuality. His reasoning that people flock to these groups instead of to the Church is that they both fight strongly […]

Is Defending the Reputation of the Catholic Church Against Confusion to be Considered Gossip?

  At her blog Faith in our Families, Catholic mom Clare Short asks whether Bishop Conry is an atheist. When she tweeted the link to Elizabeth Scalia and others, Scalia responded, in part, thusly.   @CatholicLisa @FaithIOFamilies @laurajmcalister @SrHelenaBurns @LaCatholicState also this seems like gossip, to me. — Elizabeth Scalia (@TheAnchoress) October 9, 2014 Is it […]

Andrew asks Catholics to stop saying he is ‘gay’

While I am glad that many Catholics are beginning to wake up to the idea that “gay” identity is opposed to the catechism, I find that they still do not understand the spiritual reasons for that rule. They do not understand because even as they object to people identifying as “gay,” they continue to use […]