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Barack Obama Drives the Race Wedge Deeper

David Gray has written an amazing article on Barack Obama’s speech regarding Trayvon Martin and race in America. Gray is Catholic and black, so he writes from the perspective of someone who understands both a Catholic view of human dignity and what it is like to be black and male. When standing before the world […]

Rand Paul’s Friend Adam Kokesh Gives Jailhouse Interview

Rand Paul and Adam Kokesh

Remember when Rand Paul sat down with Adam Kokesh and talked about their mutual “movement?” (Watch that video here.) Kokesh has given a jailhouse interview to Fox 5 in D.C. (Watch that video here.) Here’s an excerpt from the written article. Anti-government activist Adam Kokesh, who is currently jailed on drug charges and is facing […]

What the Zimmerman Case Tells Us About Politics in America


Note: This is my first, and most likely my last, post on the Zimmerman case. Anyone who has an opinion about the George Zimmerman case should listen to the interview that Anderson Cooper had with an anonymous juror. It also helps to watch actual trial testimony that can be found on YouTube. It seems clear […]

Why Doesn’t My Family Matter to ‘Gay Marriage’ Activists?

Holy Family, by Raphael

My friend Peter Ingemi passes along a link to a post at English Manif: My response to a same-sex couple that asked, “What do you say to our child to explain why you think our family doesn’t count?” In the response to a same-sex couple who asked the question, English Manif offers several points, including […]

St. Thomas Aquinas on Naming Things

St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church.

I sometimes think there must be a room full of radical politicos in a room somewhere who know and understand Aquinas and formulate political agendas in opposition to the Church based on contradicting Aquinas, a Doctor of the Church. It’s probably not human beings in a room somewhere, though. It’s probably Satan and his minions. […]