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Does a GOP in Transition Bode Well for Rick Santorum?

Dr. David Turner writes at The Inter-Mountain about the GOP in Transition. He offers a decent overview of the current situation on the right. As I see it, the political landscape looks good for Rick Santorum to run for president. I groaned a little about the reference to the racist George Wallace, but you may […]

Governor Scott Walker: Silent on Abortion

Governor Scott Walker is being touted by some Republicans as a potential candidate for president in 2016. Not so fast. Madison.com: [EMPHASIS MINE] Like most successful politicians, Walker tirelessly promotes his policy initiatives, including those that have drawn the most controversy, such as his bill limiting public employee collective bargaining and his legislation aimed at […]

Rick Santorum on Abortion’s Impact on Social Security

In March, 2011, Raw Story posted a response to Rick Santorum when he said that abortion is having an impact on Social Security. Not only was the article wrong about Santorum being a “long shot” in the presidential campaign (he came in second in the primary), but they were also wrong in their claim that […]

Rand Paul is Doing a Really Bad Santorum Impression

Lots of people are wondering why Rand Paul is going on and on about Bill Clinton’s sex life. Chris Cillizza offers potential reasons for it at the Washington Post. My opinion is that he is just doing a really bad impression of Rick Santorum. He wants to be seen as a defender of moral principles, […]

Important Points By Allahpundit on Bevin vs McConnell

Allahpundit has written at HotAir on the Bevin versus McConnell race here in Kentucky – Kentucky Poll: Mitch McConnell now trails Democratic challenger by four points in Senate bid. He makes some important points that I’d like to highlight, plus I’d like to add some of my own. Survey USA has McConnell leading Bevin in […]

Is Communism Really the ‘Worst Idea in the World?’

My friend Robert Stacy McCain writes at The American Spectator that Commmunism is “the worst idea in the world.” Is it really? How about Nazism? How about the philosophy of Ayn Rand? There are a lot of “worst ideas in the world,” not just one. Listen to what Dennis Prager has to say about Ayn […]