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Sometimes, you really can know that God is real

Everyone lives in some level of faith. Faith in others is trust that someone is being honest with you. We have faith in our loved ones that far surpasses our faith in those we are not close to because we know our loved ones so very well. This holds true with those of us who […]

Why I Cannot Sell a Wedding Cake to a Same-Sex Couple

Kirsten Powers writes: Some claim it’s because marriage is so sacred. But double standards abound. Christian bakers don’t interrogate wedding clients to make sure their behavior comports with the Bible. If they did, they’d be out of business. Stanley said, “Jesus taught that if a person is divorced and gets remarried, it’s adultery. So if […]

Woman Reunited With Son Placed for Adoption 52 Years Ago

In California, the Catholic Church has helped Vivian Camp to find the son she was forced to place for adoption 52 years ago. KCRA.com reports: An Elk Grove woman is preparing to reunite with the child she gave up for adoption in 1962. Vivian Camp will be flying to Hartford, Conn. in March to meet […]

Cruz Missiles: ‘Solely to damage his own party’

At the Wall Street Journal today….the obvious is reported about Ted Cruz: A rump band of Beltway conservatives has seen the enemy and it is not Harry Reid. It is Mitch McConnell, whose scalp is apparently worth blowing yet another shot at a Republican Senate majority. There’s a new dividing line in the conservative movement—between […]

Rand Paul Talks About White Kids, Black Kids, Brown Kids

  This really blows my mind. Rand Paul, who does not support the Civil Rights Act, talks about “white kids, black kids, brown kids” in a discussion about felons having their voting rights reinstated. Slate, quoting Rand Paul’s testimony at a state senate hearing here in Kentucky: Kids do make mistakes: white kids, black kids, […]