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Hillary Clinton Opens Door to Hitler Comparisons

Have an urge to compare any of Hillary Clinton’s viewpoints to Nazism? She has opened the door for you. Los Angeles Daily News, via Washington Post: “I just want people to have a little historic perspective,” Clinton said during a question-and-answer session at UCLA. “I’m not making a comparison certainly, but I am recommending that […]

Charles Johnson Compares Rick Santorum to Ron and Rand Paul

This caught me off guard because there is a rivalry between supporters of Ron/Rand Paul and Rick Santorum supporters. Paul supporters would very much agree with me about that. Santorum supporters don’t care much for the strictly and uniquely libertarian views of the Pauls on many issues. In fact, we think they’re rather, you know, […]

Scientist claims male and female brains are the same

I was going to do a little research and offer some of the scientific studies that prove this to be wrong, but then I remembered the pituitary gland from basic fifth grade biology. Has she not heard of the pituitary gland? Then, I read the comments. People are not buying this. Daily Mail: A neuroscientist […]

How Catholic should a Catholic charity be?

Reuters has reprinted a blog post by Abigail Frymann, online editor of The Tablet, about one of the biggest challenges of any Catholic charity, the question of Catholic identity. How Catholic should a Catholic charity be? This is a challenge because there is so much animosity in the world toward the Church, both from the […]