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Matt Bevin Trails Mitch McConnell By 26 Points

A new poll from the Courier-Journal by SurveyUSA sheds light that the recent Rasmussen poll did not show us. Rasmussen surveyed 500 registered voters while SurveyUSA surveyed 1,082 registered voters. Only 27% of people polled by SurveyUSA even know enough about Matt Bevin to have either a favorable or an unfavorable opinion of him. Mitch […]

Patrick Deneen: ‘Liberal Catholicism has no future’

Over at The American Conservative, Patrick Deneen opines: Liberal Catholicism, while well-represented in elite circles of the Democratic Party, qua Catholicism is finished. Liberal Catholicism has no future—like liberal Protestantism, it is fated to become liberalism simpliciter within a generation. The children of liberal Catholics will either want their liberalism unvarnished by incense and holy […]

Media Jumps on Catholic School Firing Unwed Pregnant Teacher

Though it has always been Catholic school policy to fire Catholic school employees who do not uphold Catholic teaching, in 21st century America it has suddenly become “news” when this happens. The most recent example is the firing of a Montana Catholic school teacher who is unwed and became pregnant. New York Daily News: A […]

UN Asks Vatican to Change Canon Law

Folks at the United Nations obviously do not know how this “Catholic” thing works. Fox News via Women of Grace: “The committee also urged the Vatican to amend its canon law to identify circumstances where access to abortion can be permitted for children, such as to save the life of a young mother,” Fox reports. […]