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What Catholics are Tweeting About


Via #Catholic Twitter Daily, here are some stories being tweeted using the #Catholic hashtag. Pope Francis releases Encyclical Letter Lumen Fidei ‘In Light of Faith’ #CatholicFollowChain #Catholic http://t.co/Hrqym21rmZ” — Denise D (@DeTweat) July 5, 2013 @imforwayneking 800-(IBD) While Obama Aids Muslim Brotherhood, Catholic Priest Beheaded By Our Syrian ‘Allies’ http://t.co/QhS8HsbnD2 — Daniel John Sobieski (@gerfingerpoken) […]

If I Were Pope…


If I were Pope…I’d check myself into the crisis unit immediately, knowing myself to be hallucinating, because a woman will not and cannot be Pope. Ain’t ever gonna happen. A woman Pope???? Women have better things to do.

10 Signs America is in Decline – Catholic Version

God Bless America by J. Seward Johnson on Michigan Avenue. Downtown Chicago, IL tourism site. Sculpture based on American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. PHOTO: Sties Design, Flickr

Over at Right Wing News, John Hawkins has a list of 20 Signs America is in Decline. I thought I’d put together my own list, from the perspective of a Catholic mom. My list of ten is based on the Ten Commandments. 1) Idolatry: A Gallup poll shows that 77% of Americans who attend church […]