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Cincinnati Archdiocese teacher contract now more explicit

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has amended their teacher contracts to be more explicit. I think that we can expect this to be happening in dioceses across the country given that there have been some lawsuits. Cincinnati.com: The new contract obtained by The Enquirer has doubled in size and is strikingly different from previous Archdiocese teacher […]

Catholic high school principal accused of setting fire to school

St. John Baptist de La Salle, patron of school principals, pray for us. Los Angeles Times: A North Dakota Catholic high school principal has been charged with setting fire to the building, forcing classes to be canceled for the week and rendering the half-century-old schoolhouse unusable until at least summer.   Thomas Joseph Sander, 30, […]

Mark Zmuda to Sue Seattle Archdiocese

Let us ask the intercession of St. Charles Borromeo, patron saint of bishops, for the protection of Archbishop Sartain and his diocese. USA Today: Gay Vice-Principal Mark Zmuda, who was forced out of his job at Eastside Catholic High School, says he plans to file a lawsuit against the school and the Seattle Archdiocese on […]

Ninth Circuit Orders Cross for Veteran’s Memorial to be Torn Down

It’s a shame that so many judges think “freedom of religion” means that the government orders crosses to be torn down. This is the insanity of our time, that “tolerance” means that crosses must be torn down….not that crosses must be tolerated. One News Now: Liberty Institute is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to protect […]

UCSB Professor Incites Violence Against Peaceful Student Demonstrators

Santa Barbara, CA, Tuesday, March 4 – Yesterday, a UC Santa Barbara professor attacked a young pro-life activist, stole and destroyed her sign, and encouraged a group of students to violence, inciting an angry mob. Thrin and Joan Short, experienced Survivors activists, led the peaceful pro-life outreach event with 11 friends, most of whom were […]

Pope Francis vs Archbishop Sample?

If you’re expecting an actual battle between Pope Francis and Archbishop Sample, as the Oregonian seems to imply, you’re out of luck. Portland Archdiocese joins anti-gay marriage effort; lay group plans Ash Wednesday action Father Z has commentary…in red. [Their effort to pit Francis against Archbp. Sample.  And it's "homosexuals", not "gays".] Read the whole […]