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Santorum to Travel to South Carolina for GOP Events

This comes to me through a Patriot Voices media advisory: Former Republican presidential candidate, former U.S. Senator and current Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum will travel to South Carolina for two Republican party events on Monday, April 14. Those two events are the Charleston County Republican Women’s lunch meeting and a meeting of the […]

Caribbean Countries Next on ‘Gay’ Agenda Hit List?

As Steve Deace wrote at The Washington Times, the “gay rights” agenda has a playbook. First in the playbook is the claim that failure to accept homosexual acts is tantamount to  wanting people with AIDS to suffer. Oh, you must want people to die from AIDS if you cannot approve of a homosexual act, goes […]

‘Same-sex Marriage’ Effectively Abolishes Marriage

If we cannot argue that marriage between one man and one woman should be promoted as a good thing that is better than other relationships, then marriage is effectively abolished in civil law. It is no longer a “good.” It is just “something else.” If we argue that it is the best, we are told […]

The New Fascism That Calls Itself ‘Tolerance’

Steve Deace writes today at The Washington Times: Free speech, your own conscience, and religious freedom — rights as old as our republic itself — are now threatened more than ever before. Those God-given rights aren’t being threatened by jihadists or the Redcoats. They’re being threatened by a new fascism that calls itself “tolerance.” Except […]

Would Pope Francis Endorse Rick Santorum For President?

Rick Santorum is showing more signs that he may run for president again. The latest is that he’s scheduled to speak at the Iowa State GOP Convention and that he has a new book coming out on April 28 – Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works. Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic, so […]

Archbishop Nienstedt: Guilty of Being a Catholic Bishop

Archbishop Nienstedt is under attack. After being cleared of any wrongdoing in a false charge of inappropriate touching that was too ludicrous on its face for any reasonable person to believe, he is now being subjected to harsh claims from attorneys representing one anonymous, alleged victim of abuse in that diocese. I was just reading about […]