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Would Pope Francis Endorse Rick Santorum For President?

Rick Santorum is showing more signs that he may run for president again. The latest is that he’s scheduled to speak at the Iowa State GOP Convention and that he has a new book coming out on April 28 – Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America That Works. Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic, so […]

Archbishop Nienstedt: Guilty of Being a Catholic Bishop

Archbishop Nienstedt is under attack. After being cleared of any wrongdoing in a false charge of inappropriate touching that was too ludicrous on its face for any reasonable person to believe, he is now being subjected to harsh claims from attorneys representing one anonymous, alleged victim of abuse in that diocese. I was just reading about […]

NYTimes Op-Ed Attempts to Explain Why Eich Was Bad for Mozilla

At the New York Times Technology section, Quentin Hardy and Nick Bilton attempt to explain why Brendan Eich was bad for Mozilla. The newly-elected CEO of the company was pressured into resignation when it was learned that he had given a donation to support the adoption of Proposition 8 in California, six years ago. Take […]

Matt Bevin Discredits Kentucky by Attending CockFighting Rally

Matt Bevin was already toast, politically, so I had no intention of writing about him again, but I think it’s important that I defend Kentucky’s reputation after this stunt. The Humane Society is very rightly calling out Matt Bevin, in necessarily harsh language, for his attendance at a pro-cockfighting rally here in the Bluegrass State. […]