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NYTimes Op-Ed Attempts to Explain Why Eich Was Bad for Mozilla

At the New York Times Technology section, Quentin Hardy and Nick Bilton attempt to explain why Brendan Eich was bad for Mozilla. The newly-elected CEO of the company was pressured into resignation when it was learned that he had given a donation to support the adoption of Proposition 8 in California, six years ago. Take […]

Matt Bevin Discredits Kentucky by Attending CockFighting Rally

Matt Bevin was already toast, politically, so I had no intention of writing about him again, but I think it’s important that I defend Kentucky’s reputation after this stunt. The Humane Society is very rightly calling out Matt Bevin, in necessarily harsh language, for his attendance at a pro-cockfighting rally here in the Bluegrass State. […]

New Italian Magazine Devoted to Pope Francis

Guest post from Sr. Jeanette Marie, vocations director, the Mercedarian Sisters: Apr. 1, 2014 – CLEVELAND — Just a little over a year ago, on the balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis stepped out as the newly elected pope. Since then, he has won the hearts of many Catholics, as well as those outside […]

The Charlotte Observer’s Witch Hunt Against Sister Jane

Is your mosque’s speaker not Muslim enough? Is your preacher not sticking closely enough to the Scriptures? If you live in the Charlotte, NC, area, fear not! The Observer is now conducting witch hunts and public media trials of religious speakers in religious institutions. Who needs imams, bishops and Mother Superiors when you can have […]