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Did You Hear About Vladimir Putin and the Virgin Mary?

Vladimir Putin and Mary

This is an old article (from 2011) that I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about but that I like to share with people from time to time. LifeSiteNews: Vladimir Putin receives Virgin Mary ‘fertility’ relic as Russia fights abortion, population decline. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was personally present at a St. Petersburg airport on […]

Researchers Say Atheism is in Decline


I am not posting this to embarrass or poke fun at atheists, nor even to suggest anything about atheism itself, so please, atheists, don’t take this the wrong way, okay? I am posting this because it seems to show that Peter Kreeft was right recently (video at Christopher’s Apologies) when he said that what we […]

Looks Like Rand Paul is STILL a Bad Judge of Character

This story at the Washington Times about Rand Paul and his aide Jack Hunter reminds me of the time Rand Paul hired Chris Hightower to be his official campaign spokesperson. You can’t read Jack Hunter’s articles and not know that he’s as Confederate as they come. By the same token, I am convinced that no […]

Matt Bevin vs Mitch McConnell? No Thanks

Our goat Sammy.

Yesterday, I wrote that there is no Tea Party-backed challenger to Mitch McConnell. I’m on the email lists of local Tea Party groups and, though I get emails from them, not one has mentioned Matt Bevin….until today. Apparently, some Tea Party people are backing Mr. Bevin here in Kentucky. It’s odd that I received no […]