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Abbey Roads: ‘In Christ there is no gay’


Many thanks to Terry Nelson of Abbey Roads for linking me on Monday in his post about Father Paul Scalia and Fr. John Harvey of Courage — Fr. Paul Scalia on same-sex attraction. Please pray for Father Scalia as he has become a target for the scorn of activists. Yesterday, Terry Nelson wrote about “gay” […]

Catholic Identity: What Young Catholics Want

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This article is a “must read” – What Young Catholics Want: First, we wouldn’t mind if you listened… Stop telling us what we think and what we like. Look at traditional Catholic parishes, they are overflowing with young people and traditional seminaries are crowded with young aspirants. The next generation wants precisely what your generation […]

Catholics, This is Why They Think We Are Bigots

Christophobics protest the Vatican.

Joshua Gonnerman has a very fancy post disagreeing with Marc Barnes (and now the Pope’s theologian) that it is not okay to identify as “gay.” I am not sure why those who insist on using this term as an identity do not realize that they are propagating the idea that the Church is bigoted. They […]