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POLL: Is it okay to say you are ‘gay’ or ‘retarded’?

Autism: We're not confused. You are.

I have a condition that would cause some who have it to ID as “retarded.” I would never ID this way because of my understanding of my dignity as taught by the Catholic Church. Please vote in my poll. survey tool UPDATE: A tweet from one of my “tolerant fans.” @CatholicLisa I certainly wouldn't correct […]

Two Different Kinds of Offense

A little note to dispel confusion. Everyone is offended by something. We are offended by different things because we have different reasoning to be offended by different things. It is the reasoning we have that determines whether we are offended or not. I posted previously an annoyance about “sensitivity training” being called for by the […]

Army and Air Force Exchange Service Bans Sale of Pornography


Yes! Let’s keep those laces straight! Deseret News: The Army & Air Force Exchange Service decided Wednesday to end the sale of “adult sophisticate” magazines, a category that includes pornographic periodicals such as Playboy and Penthouse. That’s authentic progressive evolution, if ever I saw it. The rejection of barbarianism is real progressive evolution toward a […]