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Sadomasochism Proponent Jillian Keenan: ‘Legalize Polygamy!’


An article at Slate this morning by sadomasochism supporter and practitioner Jillian Keenan argues that polygamy should be legalized. She claims that this should be done in order to make rape and child abuse “easier to combat.” Right now, all polygamous families, including the healthy, responsible ones, are driven into hiding (notwithstanding the openly polygamous […]

Covenant Love Vs. Convenient Love


Image via Peter D. Williams. I have a civil divorce, but am still married in the eyes of the Church. Being married in the eyes of the Church means that I am objectively still married, though celibate. The state says that I am divorced, but I live as a spouse separated from her husband. Why […]

We All Need Each Other


At Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch writes about the importance of our social connections during times of great need, such as natural disasters. He uses the attitudes of young “social media types” in San Diego and those of older business owners in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to demonstrate what attitudes are necessary for people to be […]