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The Gordian Knot in Cuba

At the Miami Herald, we see that the Apostolic Nuncio to Cuba has some harsh words about the communist government of Cuba. In an unusual gesture for a member high in the Catholic Church’s hierarchy in Cuba, the Apostolic nuncio Bruno Musaro spoke openly about Cuba’s “extreme poverty and human and civil degradation.” [...] The […]

My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord my God

In today’s readings, the prophet Jeremiah is feeling as though God has duped him because he had thought the life of a prophet might have been easier. Jeremiah has become an object of laughter and mocking, but though he must endure this mocking, he cannot endure the attempt to contain the burning fire within his […]

Grief: The Healing Pain

Last night, I lost a friend and a sister-in-law. Dayna Baker was my brother’s wife. Though they had divorced, we remained as close as we had ever been. It is a great and sudden loss. She was only 53 years old and perished in a motorcycle accident along with a man she was to be […]

Former Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘Islam is reviving British values’

Yet another awesome reason not to be Anglican. Independent: Islam is rejuvenating “British values”, the former Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed while lambasting sections of the press for presenting Muslims as “un-British”. Rowan Williams was giving a speech at the annual Living Islam Festival in Lincolnshire on Friday, discussing what British values were and how […]

Obama prepares to issue executive order that could close religious institutions

Wherein I rant: This may settle the national debate over whether Obama is evil or just stupid. Cardinal Newman Society: A number of religious leaders and academics, including some with ties to Catholic colleges, are urging President Barack Obama to include religious freedom protections in an upcoming executive order which would essentially ban any discrimination […]