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Passionist Fr. Rick Frechette on PBS NewsHour – A Lesson in Subsidiarity


Fr. Rick Frechette

Passionists aren’t exactly prominent in media, so I was happy to find this video of Passionist Fr. Rick Frechette on PBS NewsHour.

The Rev. Rick Frechette went to Haiti 25 years ago on a religious mission to shelter families “broken by tragedy.” In his mid-40s, he decided to become a doctor and built a modern pediatric medicine facility. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports as part of our Agents for Change series on the challenges Frechette has faced.

Watch the video below to see the good work he is doing in Haiti. Though billions of dollars have been donated, it is slow in getting to the people because of bureaucracy. Father Rick listens to the people to determine the best way to use funds while many of the NGOs working in Haiti have rules in the bureaucracy that must be adhered to, to the letter, and this means things don’t get done at all, or they are slow-going.  I think this is a wonderful example of why subsidiarity works while focus on bureaucracy is often folly.

To donate directly to Father Rick’s work, visit the Passionist Donation page and select “Haiti Relief” in the drop-down menu.

Watch In Haiti, a Mission of Religion and Medicine for Father Rick on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

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