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Patriot Voices Unveils Made in the USA Christmas Challenge

Verona, PA – Former Republican Presidential candidate and Patriot Voices Chairman Rick Santorum announced today that Patriot Voices is launching the Made in the USA Christmas Challenge.

Rick and Karen Santorum said, “We all know how hard it can be to find products that we want and will use that are made in the USA. Whether it’s toys for children, clothing for teenagers or a gadget for your spouse, it can be difficult tracking down items made right here in America.”

“That is why Patriot Voices is unveiling the Made in the USA Christmas Challenge.  We want holiday shoppers to take this challenge and buy as many gifts as they can that are made right here in the US,” Rick and Karen continued.

Those interested in taking the challenge should visit Patriot Voices’ Made in the USA Christmas Challenge webpage to sign up.

“As Americans hit the stores on Black Friday, we hope they’ll be mindful of who’s made what they’re buying and make an extra effort in gift-giving to help US based companies.  Whether Republican or Democrat, we can all agree that buying products made here at home makes sense.  Let’s turn Black Friday into Red, White and Blue Friday with the Patriot Voices Made in the USA Christmas Challenge,” Rick and Karen Santorum concluded.


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