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Repair the Breach


Leila Miller says the world needs saints now, more than anything.

Mother Catherine says what the world needs is to repair the breach. We need reparation. Of course, it takes saints to do that.

May all of us who aspire to be saints be given the sufferings, the strength and the courage necessary to purge ourselves of everything that is not pleasing to God.

It is said that to become a saint is difficult. That is only part of the story. When you walk with Jesus, He makes the way very light indeed.

St. Paul of the Cross wrote in a letter to Sr. Maria Cherubim Bresciani:

I want her to love, adore, praise, and glorify our great God. She ought to converse of love, to speak to him of his passion or of the sufferings of his Sorrowful Mother, and to offer that great heart to the eternal Father . . . When the soul comes to know and savor the silence of love, allow it to stand and drink from this divine fount the most holy waters of grace which burst forth from the Sacred Heart. Take care that you drink here. It is necessary to drink deeply. . .


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