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Russia Set to Ban American Adoption of Russian Children



Russian Parliament


The Russian government is moving to ban American adoptions of Russian children.

A bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children went to President Vladimir Putin for his signature on Wednesday after winning final approval from parliament in retaliation for a U.S. law that targets Russian human rights abusers.

Putin has strongly hinted he will sign the bill, which would also outlaw some U.S.-funded non-governmental groups and impose visa bans and asset freezes on Americans accused of violating the rights of Russians.

This is an indication or America’s relationship with Russia souring even further, but I also tend to think it should be seen mainly as a reflection of Russia’s concerns about low fertility rates.

Russian demographic experts agree that their science is a tricky one, and that implementing sensible policies today can radically change population projections over several decades. Yet most say Putin’s ideas are unlikely to make much of a dent in Russia’s stubborn demographic decline, and will do nothing to change the internal migration that’s hollowing out Russia’s vast Siberian and far eastern territories, which contain most of the country’s precious raw materials.

Have you seen Demographic Winter? It’s an eye-opening documentary on the dangers of low fertility rates.

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