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Bishop Galantino Translation Problems?

On August 28, I wrote that Bishop Galantino should be removed due to remarks that he made which undermine marriage. I based this on an August 27 report at Catholic World News that included his remarks. “Couples in irregular matrimonial situations are also Christians, but they are sometimes looked upon with prejudice,” said Bishop Nunzio Galantino […]

A Passionist Mom’s Objection to ‘The Third Way’ for Bishops Chaput, Aquila, Coyne and Taylor

Yesterday, I tweeted some objections to the new film ‘The Third Way’ to Fr. John Hollowell who was promoting it on Twitter. This was his reply. @CatholicLisa who are you? If the film upset you, contact Archbishops Chaput and Aquila, +Coyne, and/or +Taylor, all of whom endorsed it. — Fr. John Hollowell (@frjohnhollowell) May 25, […]