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Dear Santorum Critics: Salon Now Defends Bestiality as a ‘Personal Liberty’




If you have read the Summa Theologica (and if you understand it), you will not be even slightly surprised by this. Those who may be surprised are some uncivilized barbarians who could not care less about the light of moral reasoning and who even overtly demand that we reject moral reasoning as so much “hooey.” Remember when Rick Santorum was mercilessly criticized for saying that if we will accept unnatural relationships among human beings, we will eventually accept other unnatural relationships such as bestiality? Well, Salon, which defends “gay rights” on a regular basis, is defending bestiality as a “personal liberty.”

It may be an opportunistic defense, sure, but it also brings up some interesting, if squirm-worthy, questions: Why should bestiality be illegal? Is it because it’s socially unacceptable or because it causes harm to animals? If it’s the latter, is it OK for people to have sexual contact with animals in cases where the animal isn’t harmed?

It is not Rick Santorum who came up with the idea that “gay rights” would lead to the acceptance of bestiality. The slippery slope of immorality leading to more and more immorality is just a fact of human nature. It surprises no one who is educated about human nature in the conservative (Aquinas) tradition that Salon is now defending bestiality just as it surprised no one in the pro-life movement that Jack Kevorkian ended up with his day in the sun in the aftermath of Roe v. Wade. Though assisted suicide has not taken hold, “passive euthanasia” is common practice now in hospitals. The slippery slope is real.

Back in February (before I was booted off the blog for criticizing Paul Ryan’s embrace of Ayn Rand) I wrote at The American Catholic about claims against Rick Santorum on the topic of another slippery slope. That is, the erosion of our understanding of where our rights come from in the context of Santorum’s contrast between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.

Santorum said:

When you marginalize faith in America, when you remove the pillar of God-given rights, then what’s left is the French Revolution. You are a bigot and a hater because there’s no rational reason. What’s left is a government that gives you rights. What’s left are no inalienable rights. What’s left is a government that will tell you who you are, what you’ll do, and when you’ll do it…and France became the guillotine. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re a long way from that, but, if we do, and follow the path of President Obama and his overt hostility to faith in America, that we are headed down that road.

Some folks found that there is a fallacy called “slippery slope” and they blindly tossed it out as an “argument” against Rick Santorum without meeting the condition required for fallacy. As I explained at TAC, it is only a fallacy if it lacks an argument for inevitability . The argument for inevitability exists many places in the history of mankind and is explained in traditional Western philosophy such as the Summa Theologica. You can read my entire article here, but suffice it to say that we are talking here about the foundation of Western Civilization. When barbarians make law, the laws will continually get more barbaric as time goes on. The light of reason is losing in America…badly. Until sanity is restored, freedom cannot possibly be restored.

I don’t prefer Rick Santorum for president just because he’s a nice guy, or because he’s pro-life. Lots of people fit the bill on those points. But as Rick Santorum told the editorial board of the Des Moines Register back during the primary, most politicians think of the issues as “little silos” and if one of the “silos” is not popular, the politician can just kick that silo down and take a new position. He sees “the big picture” of where our rights come from, and the very limited role of our government in defending only those rights. So, I prefer Rick Santorum because America needs him, not a “politician” who takes “positions” on things. America needs him, frankly, because he’s completely sane and he understands what ALL conservatives used to know and hold true in common about human nature. Sadly, many have forgotten, or are new to politics and have never been taught the philosophy upon which conservatism is grounded and prefer to look at issues like “silos” that can be bartered away if necessary to win an election. Santorum won’t barter anything away that is foundational, and he can make the arguments that can lead America back to sanity. If we don’t elect someone like that, America will just continue to go down the tubes.

Regular readers know that I struggle with mental illness. It is personal for me that we elect someone who will bring sanity for America. The insanity of Salon defending bestiality, for example, exacerbates my sufferings, and the sufferings of any who still have a well-formed conscience. If you are not shaken to the core that bestiality is being defended in a major publication, and if you do not recognize it as insanity, God help you. For my sanity, please put sanity in the White House, in the Congress, and in our courts.

But it’s actually not quite as crazy a move as it might seem. The lawyers aren’t arguing that Romero necessarily has a right to sex with donkeys, or any other farm animals for that matter. They’re specifically targeting the language of Florida’s anti-bestiality law, which does not require proof that an animal has been harmed or “of the sexual activity being non-consensual,” or even of penetrative sexual contact.

Read the Summa. If you’ve no time to read and absorb that, read this brief article on Natural Law and conservatism.

I grow weary of people telling me that Rick Santorum “isn’t a conservative” because he voted for this bill or that one. He’s the only true conservative we have in the running for president 2016, so far, because he still believes what conservatives have always believed – that our rights come from God, they are basically delineated in the Constitution, and that the role of government is to defend those rights, and to do nothing else. It is also at the core of conservatism to understand the slippery slope within human nature. If you reject that, you are not a conservative. You are part of the opposition to conservatism.

UPDATE: Peter Ingemi discusses the Ick factor.

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