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SSPX and Identity

I talk about identity a lot; specifically our identity in Christ. SSPX is also talking about identity.

The response will insist that the society must preserve its identity, which is “the only efficacious means to help the church restore Christendom,” said Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior general of the society.

Father Z has some commentary on all this, but since “identity” is my “thing,” the “identity” word tells me something important. Bishop Fellay is saying that the only way to “restore Christendom,” as he puts it, is to see things the way SSPX sees them….to adopt the “identity” of the SSPX.

Maybe that’s not what he meant, but that is what I hear when I read about “identity.” (See the excerpt I posted earlier from Veritatis Splendor.) Keeping their “identity” means, it seems, that they keep believing everything they believe….and that this is the only way to “restore Christendom.”

Christendom doesn’t need to be “restored.” Christendom exists somewhere. The question is “where,” and it is very clear to me “where.” It is where the Magisterium is.

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