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Sunday Sermon Notes for Father Z

Time for Father Z’s Sunday Sermon Notes. Okay, I’ll bite. Here are the readings.

At our parish, Deacon Bob delivered the homily and he discussed vocations. He emphasized the importance of parents in ensuring that their children are not impeded in their discernment. Noting that parents often say that they would love it if it turned out that one or more of their children had a vocation to religious life, sometimes they let things get in the way of their duty in this regard. An example he gave was a parent’s desire to have grandchildren.

What I was hoping he would say was that Catholics are not having large families like they used to. If they had large families, they wouldn’t be so worried about grandchildren, now would they? He didn’t mention this, though. Still, it was a good homily and I am very grateful that he not only talked about vocations, but stressed the role of parents in ensuring that their children will be able to hear that “still, small voice” as he referred to it.

Oh, and….MASS.

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