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Matt Lewis Predicts ‘Long, Hard Slog’ For America

Matt Lewis writes that the “culture war is over and conservatives lost.” He’s looking at this in terms of political victory. I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Conservatives lost political victory, but on a spiritual level, America is losing and will continue to lose, because to be moral is to be counter-cultural in […]

‘Let us rally around Lincoln’


At FRC Blog, a review of the film Lincoln offers also a review of Lincoln himself and suggests that he was pro-life. President Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment. There is no provision in the Constitution for a president to sign an amendment. So why did he? Those on the right today who try to argue […]

Santorum Points to Contrast Between 2010 and 2012 Election Results

Rick Santorum at the Iowa State Fair. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

Rick Santorum did not receive big GOP donor backing during the primary. Rather, he was at the receiving end of negative advertising purchased by big GOP donors. Nevertheless, he managed to win eleven states. It is this record that gives him personal credibility on points quoted at National Review in regard to what it is […]

America Burning


My brother in the Faith, Common Patriot, writes (emphasis mine): Where normally I fancy myself a patriot that focuses on the positive, the best path forward and the return to values and opportunities this great nation was founded upon, I’ve find myself quiet of late, trying to comprehend exactly what it is that’s transpired during […]

Has God Abandoned America?

God Bless America by J. Seward Johnson on Michigan Avenue. Downtown Chicago, IL tourism site. Sculpture based on American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. PHOTO: Sties Design, Flickr

It has been in apologetics groups like the ACTS Apologetics Group that I have tasted American-style freedom the most, where people may disagree boldly with each other without hating each other. The free exchange of ideas is a hallmark, if not “the” hallmark, of American freedom. It is from ACTS that I received in my […]

Qasim Rashid at WaPo: ‘Muslims Hate America’


I would never say that Muslims hate America because to claim that all Muslims hate America is to claim that Muslims do not think independently. It would deny that they have something basic to humanity: the ability and desire to use and follow reason as they understand it, and that they instead blindly believe whatever […]