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Ashley Judd

Why is Karl Rove Attacking Non-Candidate Ashley Judd?

Karl Rove has released an online ad attacking private citizen Ashley Judd, which is the very thing I apologized for in my most recent post on Ashley Judd. Here’s the beginning of the report on this at WDRB, a Louisville television station: Actress Ashley Judd hasn’t yet decided whether to run for public office, but […]

My Penance Post for Posting Unkind Things About Ashley Judd

Okay, so, I’ve posted some unkind things about Ashley Judd on Twitter tonight that I now regret because they came out of the blue and were completely unprompted by anything new going on in terms of her potential run for U.S. Senate, so…here is my self-imposed penance. Here are ten things I like about Ashley […]

Ashley Judd Cannot Win a Statewide Race in Kentucky


I heard about this a while back and thought it would blow over, but somehow the story lingers. Via Politico, Ashley Judd is reportedly considering running for United States Senate here in the Bluegrass State. Ashley Judd vs. Mitch McConnell? It might not be as far-fetched as you think. The Hollywood movie star and eighth-generation […]