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Asperger Syndrome

How to Attend Mass if You Have Panic Attacks in Crowds


A reader writes to ask about the issue of panic attacks at Mass. How does one attend Mass if one has panic attacks in crowds? First and foremost the obligation to participate in Holy Mass extends to everyone who is able to attend. Panic attacks are due to illness and if they are truly severe […]

Asperger Shutdowns and Meltdowns

A friend who has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, as have I, shared this. Life with Aspergers – Shutdown: A Specific Type of Meltdown: Technically, there aren’t too many differences between meltdowns and shutdowns. Both are extreme reactions to everyday stimuli. Both tend to be the result of long term unresolved issues rather than the […]

My Kids Weigh In On My Asperger’s Syndrome Traits


After I posted a long list from Everyday Aspergers of adult female Asperger’s Syndrome Traits, including the ones I personally experience, many people told me they see the same things in themselves and that they think they might have Asperger’s Syndrome. If you think you have it, I recommend seeing a doctor, but first you […]

HENDERSHOTT: Acceptance of Homosexual Identity by Catholics Creates Confusion, Conflict


Anne Hendershott, a professor of sociology at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, has written an op-ed at the Washington Times explaining why Catholics must reject homosexual identity and how those who do not reject it are the ones inciting a “Catholic culture war.” She writes in the context of the attacks on Fr. Derek Lappe […]

The Unforgivable Sin of Rudeness


This is an Asperger post. Asperger is something I have, not something I am, by the way. This is an Asperger post about the ostensibly unforgivable “sin” of “rudeness,” or the “necessary virtue” of “brutal honesty,” depending on how you judge it. It is not directed to anyone in particular. Call it a therapy thing. […]