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Barack Obama

House Passes Bill to Prevent Arrest of Military Priests for Saying Mass


In the political battle over the government shutdown, Catholic Vote reports that priests who serve as military chaplains face arrest for saying Mass, for baptizing people, for witnessing weddings or for performing any other ministry. It appears that this is one of the things the Obama Administration is doing to ensure there is maximum pain […]

Barack Obama Drives the Race Wedge Deeper

David Gray has written an amazing article on Barack Obama’s speech regarding Trayvon Martin and race in America. Gray is Catholic and black, so he writes from the perspective of someone who understands both a Catholic view of human dignity and what it is like to be black and male. When standing before the world […]

What the Zimmerman Case Tells Us About Politics in America


Note: This is my first, and most likely my last, post on the Zimmerman case. Anyone who has an opinion about the George Zimmerman case should listen to the interview that Anderson Cooper had with an anonymous juror. It also helps to watch actual trial testimony that can be found on YouTube. It seems clear […]

Vladimir Putin Questions U.S. Policy on Syria, And So Do I

Our Lady of Fatima

On August 29, 1989, Sr. Lucia wrote that the Fatima Consecration had occurred. I believe we are seeing fruits of this from Russia today as I see Vladimir Putin taking strong measures to defend marriage, and even turning to Our Blessed Mother for help to increase Russia’s fertility rate. Some Catholics believe the consecration never […]