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Bipolar Disorder

Asperger Shutdowns and Meltdowns

A friend who has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, as have I, shared this. Life with Aspergers – Shutdown: A Specific Type of Meltdown: Technically, there aren’t too many differences between meltdowns and shutdowns. Both are extreme reactions to everyday stimuli. Both tend to be the result of long term unresolved issues rather than the […]

What Bipolar Disorder Feels Like


I notice there are a lot of videos on YouTube about what bipolar disorder feels like. I relate to them a lot, having Bipolar Disorder myself, but for me, Bipolar Disorder also feels like THIS. Of course, what it feels like is never what it looks like…which is why there are so many YouTube videos […]

HENDERSHOTT: Acceptance of Homosexual Identity by Catholics Creates Confusion, Conflict


Anne Hendershott, a professor of sociology at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, has written an op-ed at the Washington Times explaining why Catholics must reject homosexual identity and how those who do not reject it are the ones inciting a “Catholic culture war.” She writes in the context of the attacks on Fr. Derek Lappe […]

Why I’m So Blunt


This tweet from Kathryn Lopez caught my attention. can clarity and love prevail? ow.ly/jCCCm — Kathryn Jean Lopez (@kathrynlopez) April 1, 2013   It caught my attention because there seems to be disagreement among Catholics about whether one can possibly have both love and clarity in being loyal to Catholic values in an age where, […]

What is ‘Intrinsic Disorder’?

NOTE: An important amendment to this post is found here. In an article today, Elizabeth Scalia appears to be evolving somewhat in her thinking about same-sex attraction and that it is intrinsically disordered. That’s a good thing. Unfortunately, she still misses the mark. She writes: In identifying my disorder as “intrinsic”—that it resides within me […]