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Birth Control

Moral Uses for Condoms

The main reason condoms are made is to transform your otherwise loving conjugal act into an act of lust where your partner becomes a piece of meat whose sole purpose is to give YOU physical pleasure. LOVE becomes LUST! YUCK! That is not only disgusting but also immoral. God created sex partly in order that […]

Lies (Again) About Rick Santorum and Birth Control


I’m so tired of these lies. And Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, in a separate statement said “Santorum is as extreme as it gets.” “He has repeatedly demonstrated a complete disregard for women’s health and rights, from his crusade against birth control to his fight to ban access to abortion for rape […]

Handing Out Condoms To Prevent Aids is Like Handing Out Bullet-less Guns to Stop Bank Robbery


Many thanks to Shane Vander Hart, a non-Catholic Christian, for his post pointing out some of the reasoning behind the Catholic Church’s opposition to condoms for AIDS prevention Caffeinated Thoughts: And here we have a clash of worldviews.  Emba used an illustration by moral philosopher Janet Smith to illustrate how the Catholic Church’s (among others) […]