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Catholic Mom Bloggers: What Are You Teaching Your Kids and Your Readers About Same-Sex Attraction?

The Vatican has rightly stated that “exhaustive treatment” of the issue of homosexuality is “complex.” Because it is so complex, there appears to be a lot of confusion out there about the appropriate way to present Catholic teaching on homosexuality, even among faithful Catholics. One of these areas of confusion relates to what we are […]

Why I Prefer to Have My Own Blog

A reader asks why I prefer to have my own blog. I’ve worked for team blogs before. I’ve even been paid to do it, and I know an editor or two who would probably give me a job right now, if I wanted it. I just can’t handle the stress. Having Bipolar Disorder and Asperger […]

A Note About the Blogosphere


Jerry Wilson is leaving the world of political blogging. I don’t fit in with these people. My fault. I admit it. Too non-deferential; too stubborn in clinging to the blogging evangel stating one should never become what one professes to oppose. Hey, I get it. I know how the game is played. Sit at the […]