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Catholic Bishops

Catholic Bishops Respond to SCOTUS Rulings on Marriage

Immaculate Conception

At SCOTUSblog, a report on the DOMA ruling is here, and a report on the Prop 8 ruling is here. There is only one real & true form of marriage: 1 man & 1 woman for life. Calling something else marriage does not make it a true marriage. — Bishop David Kagan (@VescovoDDK) June 26, […]

Light from Light: Catholic Dioceses are Tweeting!


In the creed we say that Jesus is “Light from Light.” Jesus is the light of hope and salvation for the world. The internet is referred to often as “light” in the sense that energy is required for it, and we view it using the light from this energy. Proclaiming the Gospel, the Light of […]

Cardinal Mahony Speaks of Being Humiliated

Cardinal Mahony Coat of Arms

Cardinal Roger Mahony has written on his blog that God is calling him to be disgraced and humiliated in the face of revelations from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles regarding his role in the priest sex abuse scandal. Given all of the storms that have surrounded me and the Archdiocese of Los Angeles recently, God’s […]