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Catholic Education

Two Catholic Schools Targeted by Bankruptcy Trustee


Here’s an argument that I have serious trouble grasping. The claim is that two Catholic schools committed “fraud” for providing a Catholic education. No, really. That’s the claim. The argument is framed in the context of a bankruptcy case. We have here a case of a couple who sent their children to two Catholic schools […]

‘Straight’ Man Claims Catholic School System Discriminated Against Him Based On ‘Gay’ Sexual Orientation


Can a “straight” man claim that he was discriminated against based on “sexual orientation” if a Catholic school system will not honor his employment contract because they mistakenly think he is an “active homosexual?” Try to wrap your mind around that one. That’s what’s happening now in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, according to Tim Nelson, the […]

Anonymous Threatens Diocese of Columbus With Blackmail


As the Diocese of Columbus is standing firm on the decision to fire a teacher who is openly living in a lesbian relationship, Anonymous readies the hammer to drive the nails into the Body of Christ as the group has issued a public threat of blackmail against the diocese. ABC 6: The hacktivist group, Anonymous, […]

Catholic Church Bans Catholic Church From Catholic Church


Since our Catholic institutions are “the Church” and since our members are “the Church” then I think a better headline for this article from The Daily Caller, via Yahoo News, is “Catholic Church Bans Catholic Church From Catholic Church.” Roman Catholic, Jesuit-affiliated Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington has refused to recognize the Knights of Columbus […]