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Catholic Teaching

The Catechism Rejects the ‘Gay’ Identity

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

You may not believe this, but I didn’t know until today that rejection of “gay” as an identity is specifically mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. CCC 2333 – Everyone, man and woman, should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity. Physical, moral, and spiritual difference and complementarity are oriented toward the goods of […]

A Handy-Dandy List of ‘c’atholic Pro-Abortion…Commies?

Hey, Michael Voris. You say 'commie' like it's a bad thing. Photo: bant-shirts.com

I just watched Michael Voris’ latest video because I’m feeling “extra” righteously indignant about the slaughter of innocent babies. (Don’t worry. It’s tame compared to what some of our saints have said about corruption.) Voris mentions a new report (.pdf) from Faith in Public Life (a.k.a. “nuns on the bus”) that says you should “Be […]

Ten Rights Not Mentioned in the U.S. Constitution


One of the very frustrating things about politics for me is that so many people, both on the Left and the Right, speak about rights as if the Constitution (or government, in general) is their source. God is the source of our rights, not any man-made government. In America, certain of these God-given rights are […]

Cardinal Njue of Kenya Slams ‘Catholics for Choice’

Cardinal Njue of Kenya

The pro-abortion fake Catholic group “Catholics for Choice” has long sought to spread confusion among Catholics by claiming that it is “Catholic” to be for abortion and contraception. In Kenya, they are using a billboard campaign, which they have ludicrously dubbed “Condoms for Life,” to do just that. John Cardinal Njue and other Catholic bishops […]

Great Answer to Common Question: ‘Does Secular Gay Marriage Lessen Sacramental Marriage?’


I’ve noticed that “gay rights” activists commonly get mixed up about what we marriage supporters mean when we suggest that “gay marriage” is “harmful” to the institution of marriage. Over at PapaFrancis.net there’s a great response to this confusion. No, “civil homosexual marriage” does not “lessen” the sacrament of marriage itself, or harm it in […]

Australian Catholic Priest Compares Sodomy to Mass

A Catholic priest in Australia offers a description of “gay” unions (sodomy) that any faithful Catholic would immediately recognize as a comparison to Holy Communion at Mass. [Emphasis mine.] Canberra Times: In a notable departure from the public teachings of some church authorities, Dickson-based priest Michael Fallon called for a ”public celebration of committed love […]