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Matt Lewis Predicts ‘Long, Hard Slog’ For America

Matt Lewis writes that the “culture war is over and conservatives lost.” He’s looking at this in terms of political victory. I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Conservatives lost political victory, but on a spiritual level, America is losing and will continue to lose, because to be moral is to be counter-cultural in […]

It’s Like No One Knows What a Conservative Is Anymore


This is more evidence of the problem with the Republican Party. It’s like no one knows what a conservative is anymore. Look at this tweet. It’s misleading. Conservative = support and tolerance of individual liberties. “Social Conservative” = Michelle Bachmann, Tony Perkins, Rick Santorum, etc. — Luke Londo (@llondo) November 30, 2012   All conservatives […]

Etymology of the Name ‘Santorum’ and Why the Left Wants to Redefine It


The etymology of the name ‘Santorum’ is an interesting topic to me personally because of the irony involved in the “gay rights” movement’s attempt to “redefine” the word as an attack against Rick Santorum’s consistent stand for traditional marriage. Not everyone is Catholic, and as is evidenced by the tremendous amount of support delivered to […]

Why the GOP ‘Moderates’ are Extremist


After two failed tries at winning the presidency, the GOP “moderates” are scrambling to make the case that conservatism is “extreme” and that the “moderates” in the party are still the only Republicans who can win elections. John McCain did this yesterday as he called for Republicans to abandon the abortion issue. He did this […]

Austin Ruse: If Todd Akin’s Last Name Was Bush

Liberal protesters arrived at Todd Akin's campaign HQ, during the recent general election campaign, with this cake to signify their view that seniors would die if Akin were elected, due to his fiscal conservatism. Establishment Republicans chose to join with the radical Left in demonizing Akin on the core issue of the dignity of all human life, then later backtracked when their plan to remove him from the race did not work. Akin eventually lost the election to liberal incumbent Claire McCaskill. Akin's position on human life is consistent with the Republican Party platform.

Austin Ruse, head of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, writing at Crisis Magazine, offers some pointed remarks in response to the GOP “elites” who are blaming social conservatism (again) for election losses. He makes several points, all of which I agree with. This, below, is possibly the most important among them. [D]oes anyone think […]