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A Tribute to Irena Sendler, One of My Heroines

Irena Sendler is one of those people who never really got enough recognition for the good she did on earth. Given that there is a lot of coverage today about the passing of Helen Thomas, a White House correspondent who was openly anti-Semitic, I thought it would be good to post a tribute to Irena […]

Barack Obama Drives the Race Wedge Deeper

David Gray has written an amazing article on Barack Obama’s speech regarding Trayvon Martin and race in America. Gray is Catholic and black, so he writes from the perspective of someone who understands both a Catholic view of human dignity and what it is like to be black and male. When standing before the world […]

‘Gay Pride’ vs Humility

Some tweets for your consideration. “Gay pride”… For all the words you’ve shot, and all the tears we’ve cried, here’s to New York City, and our very Gay Pride! — Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) June 27, 2010 Swalling your pride… Sometimes you gotta shut up, swallow your pride and accept that you’re wrong. It’s not giving […]

Live Action Releases Fourth Video in ‘Inhuman’ Investigation

Pro-"choice" activists call Leroy Carhart a "hero." PHOTO: JillStanek.com

Today, Live Action Films has released a fourth video in the “Inhuman” investigation series which documents the brutality of late-term abortion in America. The latest video features Dr. Leroy Carhart of Nebraska being visited by two separate undercover Live Action investigators, both of whom were pregnant women at 22 and 24 weeks gestation. Carhart is […]

Tamara Holder’s Pathetic Defense of Infanticide

Tamara Holder on the Hannity show.

Tamara Holder is the guest Sean Hannity allowed to come onto his show to offer the pro-“choice” response to Lila Rose, president of Live Action, and Live Action’s investigation of infanticide in the abortion industry. Watch this video as Holder pathetically defends infanticide by denying the facts of the situation and even by personally attacking […]