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Catholic Identity: What Young Catholics Want

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

This article is a “must read” – What Young Catholics Want: First, we wouldn’t mind if you listened… Stop telling us what we think and what we like. Look at traditional Catholic parishes, they are overflowing with young people and traditional seminaries are crowded with young aspirants. The next generation wants precisely what your generation […]

Australian Catholic Priest Compares Sodomy to Mass

A Catholic priest in Australia offers a description of “gay” unions (sodomy) that any faithful Catholic would immediately recognize as a comparison to Holy Communion at Mass. [Emphasis mine.] Canberra Times: In a notable departure from the public teachings of some church authorities, Dickson-based priest Michael Fallon called for a ”public celebration of committed love […]

‘Gay Rights’ Supporters Say Archbishop Vigneron Hurt Their Feelings

Archbishop Vigneron

Catholics in Detroit who support “gay rights” say Archbishop Vigneron hurt their feelings. Detroit Free Press: This afternoon, supporters of gay Catholics gathered for a prayer vigil in front of the Archdiocese of Detroit’s chancery headquarters. They prayed to protest Archbishop Allen Vigneron’s comments last month that Catholics who support gay marriage or unions should […]

Archbishop Vigneron: Catholics Supporting ‘Gay Marriage’ and Receiving Communion Bring ‘Personal Disaster’

Holy Mass

Words spoken yesterday by Archbishop Vigneron of Detroit, presumably in his homily, are already being taken out of context by some. I’m hoping to avoid that. Archbishop Vigneron did not “order” Catholics who are publicly supporting “gay marriage” not to present themselves for Holy Communion, as some are claiming. He did say that those who […]

Vatican: Nothing Must Be Put Before Christ

Pope Benedict XVI

Today at the Vatican news website is an article explaining what must be learned from the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI, including his resignation: New Paths. An excerpt: It was a surprise at his election when inspired by the father of western monasticism, he chose the name Benedict to revive the importance of his rule […]