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Political Hell; Diserio & Graas REPORT on the Benghazi Attack

Lisa Graas returns to co-host “Political Hell; Diserio & Graas Report”…Lisa Graas was named by Socialmatica as one of the “most influential people” influencing the 2012 Elections..http://bit.ly/Trrwzy Todays show…”Benghazi; its the Policy STUPID!!” JOIN Rebecca Diserio & Lisa Graas as they discuss the REAL reason Susan Rice was rolled out as the spokesperson answering the […]

Rebecca Diserio and Lisa Graas “Political Hell”


Is it Halloween yet? No, it’s not Halloween yet, but Rebecca Diserio writes: So who is going to Political hell? We have the “list”…. Okay, I have no idea what Rebecca means by “Political Hell” but I have a feeling I will have my “aha” moment when the show starts. Yes, that’s right! I WILL […]

Listen to Lisa Graas on the Rebecca Diserio Show


Last night, I was a guest on the Rebecca Diserio Show. If you were paying attention, you learned that I am back with the Fidelis Radio network as a regular. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be back and I look forward to being back on board with the Fidelis Radio team. […]

Lisa Graas on the Rebecca Diserio Show, Monday Night!

I will be a guest on the Rebecca Diserio Show at 10:30 pm Pacific Eastern Time on Monday night. That’s 12:30 am for me so I should be nice and loopy from sleep deprivation. Thanks to Rebecca for changing the time. Conservative politics, odd news…and lots of fun we’ll be havin’! Take a break from […]