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First Amendment

Being Catholic Puts Us In An Uneasy Spot? What?

Crucifix at Slea Head, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, West Coast of Ireland.

This headline at Our Sunday Visitor is perplexing: Enforcement of teachings put Church in uneasy spot. An uneasy spot? Wait. Wasn’t Jesus in an “uneasy spot?” “No organization with principles can long survive if it does not insist that its principles are followed by those who claim its name,” Mirus told Our Sunday Visitor. Exactly. […]

Grosse Pointe South High School Participates in OPERATION: SILENCE SANTORUM


During the 2012 presidential primary, the “gay” movement was very active in what we might call “Operation: Silence Santorum.” Because Rick Santorum is opposed to legislation that redefines marriage to include homosexual couples, activists attempted to “redefine” his name via Google in order to prevent people from finding out who he really is. It was […]