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French Government: ‘Gay Marriage’ Bill Will Go Ahead, Despite Mass Protests

France 24 reports that the French government is going forward with the proposed “gay marriage” bill, despite mass protests which France24 characterizes as “Catholic-driven.” France’s same-sex marriage reform will go ahead despite a massive Catholic-driven rally in the French capital on Sunday which saw hundreds of thousands gather to demonstrate against the marriage equality bill. […]

Muslims in France Speak Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

Finally, I agree with Muslims on something that is a political issue. That brings me joy, as I am happy to find agreement here. OnIslam.net: Widening the public opposition to same-sex marriage, Muslim intellectuals and scholars in France have called on the sizable minority to join major protests against a government bill legalizing the relationship. […]

French Government: We will ‘dissolve’ ‘religious pathology’ and ‘excesses’ in the Church

(Rome, Dignitatis Humanae Institute) – The liberties of French Christians have long been in a perilous state, however now the recently elected Socialist Government is set to impose a new form of secularist surveillance upon the Church and lay organisations, seeking to discover and ‘dissolve’ any potential cases of what it deems ‘religious pathology.’ The month […]