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HHS mandate

The Liberal Argument for the HHS Mandate


In debating the HHS mandate with liberal supporters of the president online, be aware that the conversation may go something like this: Catholic: The HHS mandate forces hypocrisy in requiring that Catholics be Catholic only at Mass. It precludes us from exercising our faith in the everyday decisions of life. Liberal reply: Oh really? Celibate […]

Can Obamacare Be Defeated Without Winning Elections or Court Cases?


I am a diehard conservative…but I hate political theater. Hate. It. I’m a mother of four. I don’t have time for games when it comes to serious issues. I only have time to do things that actually get things accomplished. Everything else is just entertainment. For me, politics and entertainment are two different categories in […]

Catholic Universities Standing With Boston College Against Contraception

we will not comply

Good news. Fox News: Boston College is getting support from prominent Catholic universities in its efforts to stop a student group from giving away condoms on campus. According to the Boston Globe, officials at Catholic colleges and universities – including Notre Dame, Georgetown and Catholic University – say their policies are similar to that of […]