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Holy Family

Why Doesn’t My Family Matter to ‘Gay Marriage’ Activists?

Holy Family, by Raphael

My friend Peter Ingemi passes along a link to a post at English Manif: My response to a same-sex couple that asked, “What do you say to our child to explain why you think our family doesn’t count?” In the response to a same-sex couple who asked the question, English Manif offers several points, including […]

Paul Ryan Says He Backs Homosexual Adoption


Some of you may remember that I was booted off a certain Catholic team blog for criticizing Paul Ryan’s embrace of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and for refusing to support him after he made a politically-motivated denial of Ayn Rand. He’s showing his true colors again today in supporting homosexual adoption. How is that related to […]

The Most Unsurprising Headline I Have Ever Seen


The most unsurprising headline I have ever seen is the one emblazoned across New Advent, as I write. I did remove the ad, but otherwise, it looks like this. Philippine President Secretly Signs Contraceptives Law. It links to The Washington Post. Gasp! How could he? That’s a Catholic country right? And we are celebrating the […]

Graas Family Christmas

Sorry, there are no photos to share of the Graas Family Christmas, but I have quite a tale to tell. On Christmas Eve afternoon, we were brought a Christmas meal through the Church, from Cracker Barrel! What a blessing! We spent our Christmas morning at Mass, where my daughter Bethany, age 12, was blessed to […]