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Jesus Christ

Two Different Kinds of Offense

A little note to dispel confusion. Everyone is offended by something. We are offended by different things because we have different reasoning to be offended by different things. It is the reasoning we have that determines whether we are offended or not. I posted previously an annoyance about “sensitivity training” being called for by the […]

Cardinal Dolan Speaks Against ‘Gay’ As An Identity


Oh, good. Cardinal Dolan is definitely on board the Jesus train. Catholic Culture: The other point of Church teaching is that a person’s identity, respect, the dignity and love that he or she deserves, does not depend on anything, not sexual orientation, how much money we’ve got, if we’ve got a green card or immigration […]

On Suffering


As a Passionist Oblate Associate, I offer up my sufferings for the intentions of the Passionist Nuns. Since Catholic theology about suffering is a core part of my spiritual life, I notice when people talk about suffering. It truly saddens me that there are so many who do not seem to understand suffering the way […]