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Karl Rove

Mark Levin: The Times Have Changed But Rights Are Still Inalienable

Mark Levin

Mark Levin speaks the truth here. Of course the times have changed, but the principles haven’t. Just apply them, wisely. That’s like saying, ‘the times have changed, so our Constitution needs to be living and breathing.’ No it doesn’t! These principles are invaluable. These rights are inalienable. The fact that the modern politician in the […]

Why is Karl Rove Attacking Non-Candidate Ashley Judd?

Karl Rove has released an online ad attacking private citizen Ashley Judd, which is the very thing I apologized for in my most recent post on Ashley Judd. Here’s the beginning of the report on this at WDRB, a Louisville television station: Actress Ashley Judd hasn’t yet decided whether to run for public office, but […]