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Why Senate Conservatives Fund Is So Bad At What They Do

I don’t like blogging on this topic but I’ve had about all I can take of the nonsense from Senate Conservatives Fund which is attacking the pro-life candidate in Kentucky’s next U.S. Senate race: Mitch McConnell. It is utterly mind-boggling to me that they are blaming Mitch McConnell for Harry Reid’s “nuclear option.” “Harry Reid […]

Senate Conservatives Fund Versus Kentucky and Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell

Senate Conservatives Fund is going after Mitch McConnell over what they call a “Kentucky Kickback.” The McConnell-Reid bill not only funds Obamacare and suspends the debt limit, it ALSO includes a provision in Section 123 that increases the authorization for the Olmsted Lock in Kentucky from $775 million to nearly $3 billion. Actually, the Olmsted […]

VIDEO: McConnell Urges Democrats to Join Obamacare Defunding Effort

Mitch McConnell

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following remarks on the Senate floor today regarding defunding Obamacare: “About four years ago, I mounted a campaign right here on the Senate floor against a bill that would come to be as known as Obamacare. Nearly every day we were in session, I […]

Looks Like Rand Paul is STILL a Bad Judge of Character

This story at the Washington Times about Rand Paul and his aide Jack Hunter reminds me of the time Rand Paul hired Chris Hightower to be his official campaign spokesperson. You can’t read Jack Hunter’s articles and not know that he’s as Confederate as they come. By the same token, I am convinced that no […]

Matt Bevin vs Mitch McConnell? No Thanks

Our goat Sammy.

Yesterday, I wrote that there is no Tea Party-backed challenger to Mitch McConnell. I’m on the email lists of local Tea Party groups and, though I get emails from them, not one has mentioned Matt Bevin….until today. Apparently, some Tea Party people are backing Mr. Bevin here in Kentucky. It’s odd that I received no […]

There is no ‘Tea Party-Backed Challenger’ to Mitch McConnell

Kentucky 2012 election results

This article about Harry Reid at Politico is, in a word, silly. Politico: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is enjoying the possibility of a tea party backed challenger to Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. “He tried to make love to the tea party and they didn’t like it,” Reid quipped about McConnell to at an event […]

Zealous Southern Catholic Convert

The Know-Nothings are gone but Kentucky Catholics are still here.

My fellow Kentucky Catholic, Doug Chappell, has penned A Southern Catholic Field Guide. It is brilliant in its on-target-edness. (Yeah, I made that word up, but it fits.) My category describes me aptly. Converts: To spot a convert, look for the most zealous members of the parish. They usually know what the Church teachings are […]

Rick Santorum is 100% Right About Rand Paul


Hooray for Rick Santorum. Wall Street Journal, via The Blaze: “Rand Paul’s brand doesn’t line up with all of what our party stands for—on national security, social values, the economy and the role of government in society. His message won’t ultimately lead us to be a more successful party.” – Rick Santorum Here’s how Rand […]