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A Handy-Dandy List of ‘c’atholic Pro-Abortion…Commies?

Hey, Michael Voris. You say 'commie' like it's a bad thing. Photo: bant-shirts.com

I just watched Michael Voris’ latest video because I’m feeling “extra” righteously indignant about the slaughter of innocent babies. (Don’t worry. It’s tame compared to what some of our saints have said about corruption.) Voris mentions a new report (.pdf) from Faith in Public Life (a.k.a. “nuns on the bus”) that says you should “Be […]

MSNBC: Your Children Belong To The Community, Not to You


Legal Insurrection posts an ad from MSNBC that offers a disturbing claim: “We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents” Watch the ad at Legal Insurrection. What does that mean, exactly? It may seem rather harmless initially, so I will offer you a personal example. Two days […]

The Left Isn’t Going to Go Away


There is a lot of delusion floating around these days in the land of politics. One of these delusions comes from the right wing and can be found in both the Tea Party and the establishment. That is the belief that the Far Left might possibly go away if Romney wins by a landslide today. […]