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Why Doesn’t My Family Matter to ‘Gay Marriage’ Activists?

Holy Family, by Raphael

My friend Peter Ingemi passes along a link to a post at English Manif: My response to a same-sex couple that asked, “What do you say to our child to explain why you think our family doesn’t count?” In the response to a same-sex couple who asked the question, English Manif offers several points, including […]

Catholic Bishops Respond to SCOTUS Rulings on Marriage

Immaculate Conception

At SCOTUSblog, a report on the DOMA ruling is here, and a report on the Prop 8 ruling is here. There is only one real & true form of marriage: 1 man & 1 woman for life. Calling something else marriage does not make it a true marriage. — Bishop David Kagan (@VescovoDDK) June 26, […]

Great Answer to Common Question: ‘Does Secular Gay Marriage Lessen Sacramental Marriage?’


I’ve noticed that “gay rights” activists commonly get mixed up about what we marriage supporters mean when we suggest that “gay marriage” is “harmful” to the institution of marriage. Over at PapaFrancis.net there’s a great response to this confusion. No, “civil homosexual marriage” does not “lessen” the sacrament of marriage itself, or harm it in […]

‘Top Gop Donors’ Organizing to Buy Politicians Who Will Support ‘Gay Marriage’


The Blaze, which is ostensibly a conservative “news” site, has been spending time pushing “gay marriage.” Their latest is an article about “top GOP donors” organizing to financially back (buy) candidates in primaries who will oppose conservative candidates who are against “gay marriage.” Part of American Unity PAC’s original mission was to spend money on […]