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Matt Lewis

Matt Lewis on Chuck Hagel’s ‘Aggressively Gay’ Remark

Matt Lewis has an article at The Daily Caller about Chuck Hagel this morning that is rather over my head. The article explains why Lewis thinks criticism of Hagel over use of the term “aggressively gay” is inappropriate. While I would agree with him that it’s inappropriate to criticize him over that, I’m not understanding […]

Matt Lewis Predicts ‘Long, Hard Slog’ For America

Matt Lewis writes that the “culture war is over and conservatives lost.” He’s looking at this in terms of political victory. I look at it from a spiritual perspective. Conservatives lost political victory, but on a spiritual level, America is losing and will continue to lose, because to be moral is to be counter-cultural in […]

Misplaced Fuss Over Rick Santorum and World Net Daily

Rick Santorum debates Howard Dean at Cornell University. Cornell alumni include Ann Coulter and Keith Olbermann. Santorum is fond of debate and does not shy from the chance to speak in venues where there is strong disagreement.

There seems to be a great deal of misplaced fuss over Rick Santorum contributing at WorldNetDaily. While I am used to this coming from the Left, it was a surprise to see Matt Lewis write at the Daily Caller that this means by attrition that Rick Santorum is not running for president in 2016. 1.) […]