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Mitt Romney

Bill O’Reilly: ‘Abortion is Settled Law in the USA’


I don’t have cable anymore, so I hear this stuff kind of late sometimes.  Bill O’Reilly said something on Monday night that sounds looney to me because it fails the test of reason. From The Blaze: “Abortion is settled law in the USA, but it should be discouraged, because human DNA is present upon conception,” O’Reilly said. […]

If Poor Counties Were the Only Counties Allowed to Vote

Electoral map if only the poor voted.

If only the poorest counties were allowed to vote, and if each of those counties got only one vote, Mitt Romney would have won the electoral college 402-113. I have posted two maps below. The first map shows all counties marked that have 16.9% or more of the population under the poverty line. The red […]

The Left Isn’t Going to Go Away


There is a lot of delusion floating around these days in the land of politics. One of these delusions comes from the right wing and can be found in both the Tea Party and the establishment. That is the belief that the Far Left might possibly go away if Romney wins by a landslide today. […]

Biden Second-Guesses Baby’s Cry at Rally


Last year, I wrote at Live Action Blog about Joe Biden’s visit to China in which he said that he told leaders there that he would “not second-guess” their forced abortion, one-child policy. At a rally today, Biden decided to second-guess a baby’s cry when it was interrupting his speech. Video below: None of us […]