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Mohamed Morsi

Egypt Adopts Islamist Constitution

anti-Morsi demonstrations

Once again, something conservatives, including Rick Santorum, warned about Obama’s foreign policy has happened. Egyptians have adopted an Islamist constitution. Reuters: Egyptians voted in favor of a constitution shaped by Islamists but opposed by other groups who fear it will divide the Arab world’s biggest nation, officials in rival camps said on Sunday after the […]

Egypt’s Embattled Christians Fear Exclusion Under New Islamist Constitution


From Dignitatis Humanae Institute: As the Western media shift attention from crisis to crisis in the Middle East, one continuing, omnipresent tragedy goes wilfully ignored, the violent persecution of the regions’ remaining Christians. Nowhere is this more evident than Egypt, where the new government, dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, press on with the drafting of […]

Hillary Clinton Finds the Middle East ‘Confounding’

Rick Santorum appeared on WHO Radio this evening Simon Conway of WHO Radio to discuss the latest violence in the Middle East against Americans. Conway offered this quote from Hillary Clinton which Rick Santorum described (accurately) as “naive.” “How could this happen? How could this happen in a country we helped liberate? In a city […]