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Happy Mother’s Day, Michelle Knight


It is being reported by her brother that Michelle Knight wishes to be reunited with the son who was taken from her by authorities before she was abducted by Ariel Castro. Her son was conceived as a result of a gang rape that occurred before she was abducted. Ariel Castro is being charged with killing […]

Anonymous Threatens Diocese of Columbus With Blackmail


As the Diocese of Columbus is standing firm on the decision to fire a teacher who is openly living in a lesbian relationship, Anonymous readies the hammer to drive the nails into the Body of Christ as the group has issued a public threat of blackmail against the diocese. ABC 6: The hacktivist group, Anonymous, […]

Rob Portman is Wrong on the Marriage Issue

Rob Portman

In my previous post, I explained that Rand Paul is wrong on the marriage issue. Breaking news tonight is that Senator Rob Portman (R-OH), once considered to be a possible choice as running mate for Mitt Romney, has switched his political position on marriage. Portman once supported traditional marriage but now supports redefining marriage to […]